More Than 200000 Users 150 Countries Affected By Massive Cyber Attack

Europol chief Rob Wainwright said on Sunday that more than 200,000 people from 150 countries have been affected by the global cyber attack on Friday. The BBC quoted Wenwright’s interview from UK’s ITV, “In the latest calculations, there are more than 200,000 victims of at least 150 countries. These victims will be mostly traders, including large corporations. Its global reach is unprecedented. ”

Wainwright said that he is concerned that the number of affected people will increase when people return to work on Monday morning. They said, “We are facing a growing threat, the number is increasing.”

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He said that the current attack was unprecedented. He said, “We are running 200 global campaigns against cyber crime and cyber attack every year, but we have not seen such an cyber attack .”

However, Wainwright said that by now the mention of payment of some of the victims of the attack is mentioned. The latest cyber attack on the Friday is the latest in the rising threat of Ransomware, in which hackers distribute files to the computer that automatically encrypts their data, which can not be used without paying the ransom.

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Wannacrypt or Wannacry, the latest Malware virus for cyber attack, exploits it by exploiting the vulnerability of Windows, for which Microsoft released a security patches in March. But computers and networks that do not update their systems remain at risk.

Russia and Britain are among the worst affected countries by this cyber attack. Security experts have warned that the second attack is likely to be on Monday or asap and it can not be stopped.

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