10 Best New Features Of Windows 10 Creators Update

There is a good news for Microsoft users. Microsoft announced the next major update of Windows 10 – The Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11, which will be released to more than 40 million users worldwide. The company is also going to launch Surface Book and Surface Studio Devices soon in new markets, including UK, Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. In these countries, these Microsoft products will be available for sale from April 20th.

With Windows 10 Creators Updates, users will find features such as fastest Microsoft Age Browser, Additional Security and Privacy Security. Not only this, simple game broadcasting with beam in it and 3D design for everyone is also included.
Creativity updates will get better tab management features in Microsoft Edge, which is specially designed keeping in mind the fear of closure of tabs while opening a large number of websites.

Features of Windows 10 Creators Update :

Paint 3d

It has been called ‘all about creating and playing’. Microsoft’s goal is to give 3D features to everyone with new Windows 10 creators updates. Microsoft has also introduced a Paint 3D app bundle. That’s a considerable upgrade in comparison to the decade-old paint process. Users with Paint 3D can convert 3D pictures to 3D in addition to creating 3D objects. This app will be available with remix3d.com integration. Where users can choose not only to play with pre-made 3D art from the online library, but also to share the community with one of their own creations.

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Night light

This feature is now commonly seen on most smartphones and it is now available for PC. Night Light mode adds a yellow tint to your screen so that you can reduce the tension on your eyes while working for long hours. You can view this feature by going to Setting> Display> Night Light. This feature will be automated on the basis of sunrise and sunset. If you are you can manually turn it on. Apart from this, you can also adjust the color tentature according to your work.

Game mode, streaming and more

A special feature game mode is also included in the Windows 10 Creators update. Which improves gaming performance This makes gaming as a top priority, to ensure that you get great performance and quality during gameplay. When you have to play a game, you can access it by pressing “Windows logo key + G” in your keyboard.

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Cortana will allow users to set up Windows 10 using just their voice. While adding the privacy options to the setup process was a necessity of sorts for the Redmond-based company, this new addition might make the setup process much more convenient for users.


Who run the Creators Update will get picture-in-picture support. Microsoft is calling the feature “Compact Overlay”. It will be available for all app developers making Universal Windows apps, and it’ll be available in built-in apps like Movies & TV or Skype. The feature essentially allows you to watch something like a Skype video call in a window that can hover above another window or app you may be using.


Dynamic Lock, lets you control access to your PCs based on how close they and your Bluetooth-paired phones are to them. That is, if the phone you’ve paired with your PC (it works for laptops, notebooks, tablets and desktops) is not found within radio range of your PC, Windows 10 turns off the screen and locks the PC after 30 seconds have elapsed. Thus, Dynamic Lock makes a dandy new security feature in Creators Update, one that most business users (or their IT departments) will find worth turning on and using.

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One of the first places to check out after installing Windows 10 that lets you pick a photo and annotate it and share it easily via email or social networks.


Microsoft has improved the recognition process for facial scanning, and the new setup process shows you exactly how Windows Hello scans your face to detect who you are.


This feature lets you set tabs aside and save them for use later on.


Windows 10 Creators Update will have a big impact if you are wishing to better control updates you can now pause updates for a week, or configure active hours in Windows 10 for up to 18 hours a day and you can configure features like diagnostics, speech recognition, location, and relevant ads.



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